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Two years you sailed in colder waters, before in warmer, is this change on purpose

It is funny the way it became out. I bought this new boat at the cease of 2013 in new zealand. And we left our vintage deliver altego i on the market in thailand and malaysia. It was hot. We went again to new zealand and the climate changed into so freezing that we sailed to the pacific, tonga, fiji, vanuatu, new caledonia and lower back again to heat up. After which we got here lower back to new zealand, wherein swimming isnít that exceptional even in summer time. We stated, properly, we've got 2 seasons here, so wherein now? Head east to thailand and malaysia in which we came from? Or returned through the pacific to patagonia?

Well, iíd promised to reveal antarctica to petra and hanicka too, although she wouldnít remember that of direction. So the choice to sail to french polynesia received over. We had been there for the whole summer, and we might have stayed longer, but there has been already such warmth there that humans were saying - letís visit patagonia. And if you have seasons in patagonia, itís so freezing there that you long to be inside the warmth once more that's wherein will be now. Subsequent 12 months, if neptune is merciful, we will head northwest from greenland, canada to alaska, wherein we are able to freeze once more a touch. And then weíll warm up again in mexico. If neptune lets in.