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Do you still have a dream route

I am a bit bit divided here. That northwest path from greenland, it really is my dream journey. Not a lot for my wife, however she accepts it, due to the fact no czech or slovak ship has ever carried out it. So if we're fortunate, we may be the first ever boat to sail it. And with hanicka on board it'd be best

and then there are two versions from alaska. I was approached as to whether we might sail at the northeast, that is russia and siberia to norway. But the paperwork is complicated. However if we get via the crazy bureaucracy, then iíd without a doubt sail it. It's a unique opportunity, due to the fact only approximately 10 ships in the international have ever executed it. Present day heat weather situations appearance promising. The actual question is whether or not the forms may be treated, it's far in reality hard regarding russia. Properly, and the second option is to visit vancouver. Swimming isnít incredible there, but it's beautiful. Beautiful fjords like in patagonia, possibly even better. Then we might tour to mexico, where we'd warm up once more. After which we would see. From mexico we'd in all likelihood sail to marquesas in which i've by no means been earlier than. After which end the circumnavigation of each americas, some thing no czech or slovak has ever executed.