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An intrepid explorer

At the same time as she won't appear to be your common explorer, adastra changed into made for adventure.

She boasts an excellent variety of 10,000 nautical miles and might cross the atlantic two times before wanting to refuel. Best for island hopping, a shallow 1. 2 metre draft allows her to get entry to hard to reach anchorages and shallow bays too. Adastra is also distinctly lightweight. Her three hulls are created from an e-glass and kevlar foam sandwich, whilst her deck and superstructure are crafted from carbon fibre with a nomex honeycomb core. This makes her high-quality green when cruising, so that you can spend extra time exploring and less time refuelling. Electricity comes from a unmarried caterpillar c18 1150hp major engine and two yanmar 110hp outrigger engines, for a top pace of twenty-two knots.