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We zigzagged in the fog in a labyrinth of ice floes

Due to that, we chose not to go away the ice field immediately, we discovered our way out of the thickest of the ice slurry, grew to become and set a direction of 220∞ inside the course of iceland.

This path become to run alongside the ice subject. I consulted with our experienced polar explorer vilÈm, and we agreed to step by step sail out of the fragmented ice area and go back to it approximately 150 miles south. There ought to be a non-stop compact ice area there and we may also come upon polar bears. For numerous greater hours, we cruised on a path alternating among 90∞ and 220∞, in line with the preference of the present day helmsman. However we still didnít get out of the ice field. We watched the seals lying on the ice floes, and on one floe even noticed undergo's paw prints inside the snow. The undergo was nowhere to be visible. The density of the ice discipline fluctuated, and alternated between distinctly open passages to regions with denser coverage. The dimensions of the ice floes had regularly elevated and that i already desired to depart the ice field and get to open sea. We became the deliver in the path of proper east, which, in our opinion, changed into the shortest manner out, and we removed the primary sail. Zigzagging in the fog between the ice floes started to resemble being in a maze. I climbed to the first spreader to peer if there had been any channels in the ice to get out us of this mess. The visibility inside the fog changed into about 1 mile, and it extended and dwindled inconsistently.