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The engine suddenly died in the middle of the ice field

Approximately a hour before the primary ice floe had appeared, i switched the reserve oil tank over to run the oil into the principle tank. Always after some time the oil filter is clogged, so the motor need to be turned off and the clear out wiped clean or replaced. I do this best if there's no danger beforehand. This time, but, i hadnít assessed the scenario pretty so nicely. At the primary stagger in engine velocity, i climbed into the engine and switched off the engine. Inside the cockpit, kos was quietly steerage, and mÌra became reading a message from his lady friend on iridium. After reading the message and writing the solution,

he lifted his eyes from the smartphone and with astonishment observed that the ice subject had thickened dramatically and ice floes had been drifting anywhere round us. At that precise same moment, the engine stopped. Nervously on deck, he referred to as out to me, asking what become going on with the engine, i frivolously knowledgeable him that i used to be simply cleaning the filter. But i did experience a certain urgency in his voice, so i asked him what's happening up there. Mira replied that ice floes have been truly anywhere. We nonetheless had the genoa and the mainsail at the mast and the mild wind pushed us slowly into the ice. The crew removed the genoa, i speeded up the clear out cleaning, and got the engine started once more very quickly in any respect. I climbed aboard and there has been quite quite a few ice round. We envisioned 20% to 30% insurance, which was nevertheless quality.