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Around the world on a sailboat with seaman Jirka Denk

In the years from 2000 to 2006, jirÌ denk undertook 30 voyages. The maximum groundbreaking voyage for him came in 2005 when he crossed the atlantic for the first time and got here to the belief that he honestly should sail throughout the oceans. With that during thoughts, in 2006, he purchased his first sailboat, the 12-metre aluminium sailboat altego i in new zealand, on which he started a journey round the world in april 2007. Over 9 levels, he regularly sailed to fiji, papua new guinea, bali, malaysia, thailand, the maldives, madagascar and south africa. He also visited brazil, uruguay, argentina, patagonia, antarctica, chile, french polynesia and the cook islands, and included a complete of 32,490 nm.

In 2010, altego i have become the seventh czech boat to circumnavigate the globe and he became the 12th czech in records to do so. Plus it become the first czech boat in records to sail continental antarctica... By using 2014, he had circumnavigated new zealand, crusing to fiji, vanuatu, the solomon islands, in addition to papua new guinea, australia, micronesia, philippines, sandakan in borneo, and alongside the kinabatangan river, the sultanate of brunei, borneo, via singapore, malaysia and thailand. The final voyage on the altego i used to be from thailand through the andaman islands and the similan islands lower back to thailand. It totalled some other thirteen,870 nm. In 2014, after the start of his daughter, he determined to upgrade his boat to the larger altego ii and prompt again round the sector, which quickly changed into journey to circumnavigate the two americas. Setting sail from new zealand, three extra trips to antarctica awaited him, the dominion of tonga, fiji, vanuatu, new caledonia and french polynesia, gambier, chile and ushuaia (patagonia). This closing ninth degree has led him across the falklands, south georgia to brazil. What awaits jirÌ denka at the 10th?