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A city loft-style interior

Adastra's scandinavia-meets-asia interiors were penned with the aid of jepsen designs and resemble a metropolis loft


An intrepid explorer

At the same time as she won't appear to be your common explorer, adastra changed into made for adventure.


A striking design

With a hanging silver exterior and an unusual trio of hulls, adastra turns heads anyplace she is going.


Chorusline On Board the First 42.98 Metre Pershing 140

The primary pershing 140 has all the power and velocity youíd anticipate encased within the emblemís


Dan, how did you get started as a skipper at The Yacht Week

8 years returned, in 2011, i was working at the island of solta for my stepfather as a divemaster, coaching


For six years I was skipper at The Yacht Week in Croatia

The yacht week is simply the maximum notorious and wildest floating party festival. Nowhere else are you


Boating holidays in Thailand full of excitement and romance

Thanks to strong climate and its brilliant islands, distinguished thailand is one of the most beautiful sailing


Are you familiar with the crew that sails with you in advance

I am coming from suriname with a man whoís bringing his nine-year-old son and weíve never met every different.


Do you still have a dream route

I am a bit bit divided here. That northwest path from greenland, it really is my dream journey. Not a lot for my wife


Two years you sailed in colder waters, before in warmer, is this change on purpose

It is funny the way it became out. I bought this new boat at the cease of 2013 in new zealand. And we left our


Around the world on a sailboat with seaman Jirka Denk

In the years from 2000 to 2006, jirÌ denk undertook 30 voyages. The maximum groundbreaking voyage for him came in 2005


Will we break free of the ice embrace

The seelord proved itself past worth, and its metal hull was some thing we should rely on. On the mast, mira


Exhaustive struggle with the boat as an icebreaker

I referred to as to vilÈm and told him that we'd must use the floe as a ram to open up the manner. But then i climbed


The impenetrable wall of ice floes closed in and gripped us in despair

I instructed vilÈm on the helm in which to show, on the bow they guarded the distance from the ice floe and the stern


We zigzagged in the fog in a labyrinth of ice floes

Due to that, we chose not to go away the ice field immediately, we discovered our way out of the thickest of the ice slurry


The engine suddenly died in the middle of the ice field

Approximately a hour before the primary ice floe had appeared, i switched the reserve oil tank over to run the oil